18 July 2011

Britain’s uncreative approach to design

A preoccupation with social engineering hampers the innovative and wealth-generating potential of design.

7 October 2010

A very conservative approach to innovation

ESSAY: The Lib-Con coalition is more concerned with controlling behaviour than forging a brave, hi-tech future.

26 July 2010

Why mad inventors don’t survive the Dragons’ Den

The hit BBC show reveals the bean-counting cautiousness and lack of entrepreneurial spirit of today’s capitalists.

7 July 2010

What’s the future for innovation?

Four commentators will debate the potential for IT and telecoms at Thursday night’s spiked debate in London.

31 March 2010

Google: a data-liberation army?

Google’s passion for the free flow of information, including in China, is based on business interests and naive politics.

22 March 2010

Google: the Godzilla of the World Wide Web?

Tim Black reports from last Thursday’s spiked debate at the Royal Society of Arts, which asked: ‘Is Google too big?’

16 March 2010

Google: an anti-capitalist scapegoat?

In the run-up to this week’s live spiked debate, Jason Walsh of forth magazine asks if Google's behaviour really is abnormal.

15 March 2010

Are we heading for ‘a privacy Chernobyl’?

Ahead of a live spiked debate, Simon Davies of Privacy International says Google should stop treating privacy as a pain.

How the state is a roadblock to progress

Red tape-obsessed, visionless governments are holding back the kind of big and risky innovation society needs.

10 March 2010

Google: a ‘frenemy’ of the internet generation

In the run-up to next week’s live spiked debate, Rob Killick says Google is neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’ – it’s just a very big business.