Natural disasters

Natural disasters

6 November 2012

The political storm over climate change

The fallout from Hurricane Sandy confirms how hard it is to have a rational debate about climatic issues.

31 October 2012

New York: standing tall against nature’s wrath

Let’s praise the manmade structures that withstood Sandy’s fury rather than fretting about allegedly manmade Frankenstorms.

31 October 2012

Sandy was a bitch, not the apocalypse

This storm reminded us that nature can be tough but that the people of New York are even tougher.

31 October 2012

Keeping calm and carrying on

A Manhattan resident, reporting from the eye of the storm, is glad to find New York’s leaders acting rationally.

31 August 2011

The politics of fear blows into New York

The world’s greatest city was brought to a standstill not by Hurricane Irene, but by politicians’ worst-case thinking.

30 August 2011

What the hurricane hype reveals about NYC

City Hall’s overreaction to Irene suggests New York City is losing its reputation for toughness and swagger.

4 July 2011

Who’s really fibbing about Fukushima?

The way greens tried to play up the accident was far more shocking than ministers’ attempts to ‘play it down’.

4 April 2011

Fukushima: why greens turned on each other

The reaction to events in Japan shows that fear – of climate change or radiation – trumps old solidarities.

24 March 2011

Japan needs our solidarity, not a blame game

The earthquake confirms that a pre‑Enlightenment urge to blame human greed for natural disasters is making a comeback.

24 March 2011

My catastrophe is bigger than yours

Anti-nuclear activists’ exploitation of the instability at Fukshima is a historic low point - even for them.