3 October 2003

Needling suspicions

There are sound scientific reasons for refusing legal aid to anti-MMR campaigners, but it may help the junk science cause.

26 September 2003

Crazy nation?

The Sun's labelling of Frank Bruno as 'bonkers' was crass - but it's the notion that we're all mentally ill now that is really offensive.

23 September 2003

Shooting the messenger

A King's Fund report one-sidedly blames media bias for health panics.

17 September 2003

Unhealthy obsessions

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on mad media disease.

16 September 2003

Behind the 'smile'

Ultrasound pictures of 'smiling' fetuses do not provide an argument against a woman's right to choose.

11 September 2003

What's with Which?

The journal of the Consumers' Association chooses scares over science on the pesticide question.

3 September 2003

Thinking outside the lunchbox

The Food Standards Agency should not be dispensing recipes for children's snacks and sandwiches.

19 August 2003

A viral hurricane?

West Nile Virus is unlikely to make it up the Thames.

14 August 2003

Sun spots

Sunburn might hurt, but it's unlikely to kill you.

Making kids 'special'

'Special needs' is not a medical reality, but an administrative device that harms children, argues a professor of childhood studies.