Hear the Silence

A GP explains why he will not be staying quiet about Channel Five's 'scientifically dishonest and emotionally manipulative' MMR drama.

2 December 2003

The blindness of AIDS 'awareness'

The festivities of World AIDS Day obstruct the fight against the disease.

1 December 2003

Whose choice?

The difficult decision whether to abort a fetus with a cleft palate should lie with the pregnant woman, not a vicar or a judge, says the chief executive of the UK's leading abortion and advice charity.

6 November 2003

Weighing the arguments

Obesity is not the public health enemy that many claim.

28 October 2003

Shaping our diet

The US Food Guide Pyramid used to reflect what the public ate. Now it's trying to change it.

9 October 2003

Prozac's downer

Is the wonder drug of the 1990s just a jumped-up placebo?

3 October 2003

Shaky foundations

The government's NHS reforms are a defensive attempt to nurse politics back to life.

3 October 2003

Needling suspicions

There are sound scientific reasons for refusing legal aid to anti-MMR campaigners, but it may help the junk science cause.

26 September 2003

Crazy nation?

The Sun's labelling of Frank Bruno as 'bonkers' was crass - but it's the notion that we're all mentally ill now that is really offensive.

23 September 2003

Shooting the messenger

A King's Fund report one-sidedly blames media bias for health panics.