28 January 2004

Who needs parents?

When the body that regulates UK fertility treatment asks 'what are fathers for?', it is really questioning the point of parents.

28 January 2004

What mammography misses

A breast cancer specialist questions the wisdom of the UK government’s screening programme.

26 January 2004

What Bethany did

Is a 13-year-old surfer's recovery from a horrific shark attack a blow to therapists peddling victimhood?

16 January 2004

Bodily harm

The UK government's Human Tissue Bill will benefit nobody.

After Shipman

Medical practice should not be reorganised in response to its only ever serial killer.

A New Year prescription

The government should stop trying to improve people's health by telling them how to live their lives.

30 December 2003

Health visitors

Why the British government's crackdown on NHS 'tourists' seems to be running out of breath.

30 December 2003

Why be paranoid about puppy fat?

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on our unhealthy obsession with childhood obesity.

15 December 2003

Medicine on trial

The scandal of lawyers spending millions in legal aid, on research trying to prove that MMR causes autism.