2 February 2016

Zika is not ‘the new ebola’

The scaremongering over the virus is deeply damaging.

21 January 2016

Vagina voting is bad for women

Neither Clinton nor Foster are interested in women's liberation.

11 January 2016

Policing pregnancy is bad for babies

The public-health lobby’s hectoring of pregnant women is a menace.

11 January 2016

We need real public health

Public health was once about saving us from illness, not from ourselves.

5 January 2016

Who wants a sugar‑free life?

A government app warning of the dangers of sugar leaves a sour taste.

5 November 2015

Mental illness is not a political issue

We need to stop 'raising awareness' and focus on looking for cures.

30 October 2015

Martin Shkreli: Twitterhate helps no one

Bashing one man is no substitute for rethinking pharma.