Mental health
Mental health

Mental health

8 June 2016

What’s behind the anxiety epidemic?

The mainstreaming of the politics of fear has fuelled social angst.

14 May 2016

‘The obsession with mental health is bad for everyone’

Sally Satel explains how therapy culture makes us sick.

The campus mental-health myth

Being a bit stressed out doesn't make you mentally ill.

19 April 2016

‘Students must challenge the cult of psychic vulnerability’

Listen to Brendan O'Neill's introduction to our student free-speech meet-up.

19 April 2016

The kids are all right

Teenage angst is not a serious mental-health issue.

19 April 2016

Mental-health activism makes you sick

The campus obsession with wellbeing is infantilising students.

23 March 2016

Treating mental-health patients as lesser beings

A psychiatric nurse on the cruelty of hospital smoking bans.

18 February 2016

We’re all mental patients now

The government wants you to think you’re mentally ill. You aren’t.