Mental health
Mental health

Mental health

11 July 2018

The myth of social-media addiction

No, we aren’t all slaves to our timelines.

4 July 2018

There is no such thing as ‘gaming disorder’

We are in danger of stigmatising a perfectly harmless hobby.

27 June 2018

There is no campus suicide epidemic

Official statistics show that student suicides are, thankfully, very rare.

Why do students want to be treated like children?

In the past, students fought for independence – now they want protection.

Stop playing politics with student suicides

Suicides on campus are shocking and tragic – and, thankfully, rare.

19 January 2018

Blue Monday: why unhappiness is good for you

Nietzsche knew the score: joy is impossible without pain.

19 January 2018

We don’t need a minister for loneliness

Therapeutic policies fuel the problems they set out to solve.

19 January 2018

Trump: bad, not mad

Diagnosing him from afar is dangerous and anti-democratic.

11 January 2018

The myth of toxic masculinity

Stop pathologising men – they’re doing just fine.

28 December 2017

The year mental illness went mainstream

‘Raising awareness’ about mental illness can do more harm than good.