World Cup

World Cup

Subverting those World Cup stereotypes

Apparently the Brazilians are ruthlessly efficient and the Germans play with flair. And commentators still talk crap.

29 June 2010

England loses game – and all sense of perspective

Turning the defeat by Germany in a football match into a metaphor for society's ills is an even more risible spectacle than the England team.

Africans: such childlike, spirited footie fans!

The idea that all Africans have a ‘rainbow continent’ duty to support Ghana in the World Cup is patronising guff.

24 June 2010

Is it ethical to support In-ger-lund?

No, of course it isn’t - but so what? Let’s keep football out of politics.

24 June 2010

Football: it’s a ‘head game’

As yesterday’s victory over Slovenia showed, England are a different team when they can play without fear.

22 June 2010

Boo to the Rooney-bashers

England’s finest footballer needs to be let off the leash, not lectured about his anger, language and beliefs.

18 June 2010

Not 1966 and all that all over again

The past weighs heavy on English football, and the current team will have to shake it off in order to succeed.

18 June 2010

Vuvuzelas: what's wrong with a horny World Cup?

The sound of killjoys lecturing fans on how to support their team is far worse than that South African instrument.

17 June 2010

Could we ban the endless drone of James Corden?

The chubby actor and No.1 New England Fan loves everyone except noisy, bantering, old-school supporters.

11 June 2010

Don’t you just hate armchair managers?

Ignore the know-nothings moaning about the exclusion of Walcott and the inclusion of Heskey. Fabio is on the ball.