World Cup

World Cup

14 July 2014

The greatest-ever World Cup guff?

Was Brazil 2014 the ‘best ever’, the most unpredictable or what?

11 July 2014

Neymargeddon: Brazil’s Messiah forsakes them

It wasn't Neymar wot lost it; it was Brazil's spiritual reliance on him.

27 June 2014

England: world champions at the blame game

The inquest into the Three Lions' World Cup exit misses an important point: England have never been world beaters on foreign soil.

12 June 2014

A grumpy old fan’s guide to World Cup clichés

Why everything ‘They’ say about Brazil 2014 is wrong. Probably.

12 June 2014

England no longer expects

Only the most deranged optimists believe England have much chance of coming home with the World Cup.

3 December 2010

Catch 2022 for Qatar

The prospect of Qatar hosting a World Cup has prompted a whole lot of prejudice-venting against the Middle East.

1 December 2010

Neither the FA nor the BBC

In the war of the World Cup between the England bid elite and Panorama, neither team of self-righteous Soccerists seems supportable.

The unhealthy obsession with Africans’ sex lives

The panic about footie fans getting HIV in South Africa exposes the moral colonialism of AIDS campaigning.