21 December 2005

Eat, drink and be merry

Pay no heed to seasonal advice from official gloom-merchants.

7 September 2005

Fat chance of making kids healthier

There’s no need for the government to micromanage school meals.

5 August 2005

Enjoying the fruits (and veg) of an affluent life

The UK government's annual survey of our eating and drinking habits wasn’t all bad news.

25 February 2005

Making a meal out of school dinners

Jamie Oliver’s campaign for better grub for schoolkids promotes modern prejudices about food.

5 October 2004

They’re hatin’ it

Read spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on the junk propaganda of the anti-McDonald's brigade.

'Natural' isn't better

It's time to dish some dirt on the myths about organic food.

31 January 2002

Farmers turned park-keepers

The Curry Commission's farming policy proposes a world fit for beetles.