Middle East

Middle East

Turning Palestinians into the basket cases of the world

The ‘friends of Palestine’ in the West have reduced Palestinians to the status of children, incapable of running their own lives much less an independent state.

13 April 2006

Stop fighting a fantasy war over Iran

Both the Bush administration and its critics are talking war with Iran because they are struck dumb by events in Iraq.

20 January 2006

Iran: an irrational war of words

The spat between the West and Iran highlights the dangers of making up foreign policy as you go along.

12 January 2006

Who’s on life support: Sharon or Israel?

The response to Ariel Sharon's stroke suggests that some think a nation is dying rather than its leader.

5 January 2006

Searching for their own personal Palestine

Why middle-class Westerners like Kate Burton are queuing up to get into Gaza.

13 December 2005

Bin Laden’s script: ghost-written in the West

One thing is clear from the new book Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden - the al-Qaeda leader doesn't have an original thought in his head.

7 December 2005

Why Saddam’s trial is so trying for the coalition

The 'trial of the century' has descended into a 'comedy show'.

25 November 2005

Behind Sharon’s pragmatism

The Israeli leader's resignation from his own Likud party shows up the superficiality of contemporary Israeli politics.

17 August 2005

A step back for democracy in Iraq

In all the wrangling about the constitution, the one group nobody is consulting is the Iraqi people.

30 June 2005

Iranian elections: no throwback to ‘79

Today's Islamic 'hardliners' are capitalising on the deficiencies of reformist elites.