Middle East

Middle East

15 August 2006

An Orwellian occupation

Taking Doublespeak to a new level, the United Nations will send a 15,000-strong force to occupy Lebanon in the name of strengthening it.

2 August 2006

A proxy war of a different sort

Pro- and anti-Israel wings of the Western political class are exporting their own 'culture wars' to the Middle East.

2 August 2006

Israel-Lebanon: the War for Recognition

This is not a traditional clash over territory or influence. It looks more like the continuation of the politics of identity by other means.

26 July 2006

A bad case of imperial impotence

The Middle East crisis reveals that the USA, leader of the Western world, is suffering an acute loss of grip on global affairs.

26 July 2006

Euston, you have a problem

An Australian journalist asks why some signatories to the Euston Manifesto are discussing cricket, Dr Who, Sunday dinner – anything but Israel-Lebanon.

17 July 2006

Middle East crisis: what’s that all about?

A militarised mess has moved beyond the control of the Israelis, the Islamists and the international community.

A ‘shadow war’ performed for Western voyeurs

Why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict drags on and on.

Turning Palestinians into the basket cases of the world

The ‘friends of Palestine’ in the West have reduced Palestinians to the status of children, incapable of running their own lives much less an independent state.

13 April 2006

Stop fighting a fantasy war over Iran

Both the Bush administration and its critics are talking war with Iran because they are struck dumb by events in Iraq.

20 January 2006

Iran: an irrational war of words

The spat between the West and Iran highlights the dangers of making up foreign policy as you go along.