Middle East

Middle East

8 September 2016

Why the Kurds deserve our support

The West is betraying the Kurds. It’s a new low in global affairs.

25 July 2016

Erdogan’s overthrow of freedom

He’s using the failed coup to bolster his war on liberty.

The Turkish coup and the crisis of liberalism

The failed putsch exposes the problems facing modernity itself.

8 January 2016

Saudi Arabia vs Iran: much more than a religious war

The Saudi-Iran tensions speak to the exhaustion of politics.

2 December 2015

Who’s afraid of migrants?

Both sides in the refugee debate have lost sight of freedom.

30 November 2015

To bomb or not to bomb? A plague on both their houses

Neither displacement nor defeatism will solve the West's real problems.

26 November 2015

If we’re serious about free speech, we should say ‘Je Suis Dieudonné’

Hateful people must be as free as decent people to express their beliefs.

24 November 2015

Silhan Ozcelik is a hero

Why are we locking up people who want to fight the Islamic State?

18 November 2015

Free speech: our best weapon in the war for the West’s soul

The terror attack on Boulevard Voltaire is a symbolic reminder of what’s at stake.