Middle East

23 January 2014

Egypt: the coup the world forgot

The shallowness of Western politicians’ commitment to democracy lies exposed.

23 January 2014

War crimes in Syria: a new dodgy dossier?

A report claiming Assad executed 11,000 prisoners is not all that it seems.

11 September 2013

Mourning Chile’s coup, ignoring Egypt’s

The fortieth anniversary of the slaying of Allende has exposed some double standards among human-rights groups.

10 September 2013

Understanding the Egyptian coup

Middle East commentator Karl Sharro talks to a group of young filmmakers about what happened to the Arab Spring.

15 August 2013

The army pulled the trigger, but the West loaded the gun

How Western liberals provided the moral ammo for the massacres in Egypt.

Egypt: the hypocrisy of the human-rights industry

Westerners who love to be outraged by foreign tyranny are blasé about Egypt's.

Egypt: the end of the Arab Spring

The coup is a disaster. The Arab peoples must now go back to square one.

11 July 2013

Is sexual assault really endemic in Egypt?

Claims that Egypt is infected by the 'disease' of misogyny are helping to boost the state's authority there.

6 December 2012

Syria: the dangers of global posturing

The announcement that NATO is to station missiles on Turkey’s border confirms the internationalisation of the conflict.

28 November 2012

Who is treating Palestinians like animals?

Palestinian solidarity campaigns sound increasingly similar to bleeding-heart animal-rights campaigns.