Middle East

28 July 2014

Sisi: groping for Western approval

The real target of the Egyptian dictator’s clampdown on sexual harassment is political dissent.

4 July 2014

ISIS, intervention and the unravelling of the Middle East

Podcast: Karl Sharro, Brendan O'Neill and Bill Durodié debate the crisis in Iraq.

1 July 2014

‘Jihad cool’: an Islamist version of Occupy

The Brits who become jihadists have some very familiar-sounding prejudices.

25 June 2014

Now they think there’s a problem in Egypt

Why has the jailing of the Al-Jazeera three prompted more Western outrage than Sisi’s coup?

Iraq: there is no Western solution, and never was one

Western intervention has destroyed Iraq, as spiked predicted it would.

23 January 2014

Egypt: the coup the world forgot

The shallowness of Western politicians’ commitment to democracy lies exposed.

23 January 2014

War crimes in Syria: a new dodgy dossier?

A report claiming Assad executed 11,000 prisoners is not all that it seems.

11 September 2013

Mourning Chile’s coup, ignoring Egypt’s

The fortieth anniversary of the slaying of Allende has exposed some double standards among human-rights groups.

10 September 2013

Understanding the Egyptian coup

Middle East commentator Karl Sharro talks to a group of young filmmakers about what happened to the Arab Spring.