19 June 2003

Special measures

Will the disabled Olympics cure modern Ireland's ills?

30 April 2003

Northern Ireland’s war of words

Why the wording of an IRA statement brought political life to a standstill.

17 April 2003

Battle of the bottle

Ireland's PC politicians and pious pundits have declared war on booze.

14 March 2003

Whose Ireland is it anyway?

Another St Patrick's Day of tacky celebrations confirms that Ireland is now not so much a state, as a state of mind.

3 December 2002

Green and not heard

How much 'recognition' do the Irish in Britain need?

11 July 2002

Cultural perversity

Northern Ireland: is Orange the new black?

Street theatre at Drumcree

Far from signalling a return to the Troubles, the annual 'Battle of Drumcree' is a pantomime conflict.