27 March 2007

Paisley and Adams: the ghosts of politics past

The new deal in Northern Ireland is built on the decommissioning of political debate.

24 January 2007

Collusion ‘revelations’: disturbing but not shocking

Ten-year-late handwringing admissions that the NI security forces were in cahoots with loyalist gunmen are like therapy for the British state.

17 July 2006

A war movie with a difference

Ken Loach’s The Wind That Shakes the Barley, set in 1920s wartorn Ireland, brilliantly captures a community’s struggle to make and shape history.

1 December 2005

Can George Best save the peace process?

In Belfast, politicians and community activists are trying to turn the late footballer into an anodyne 'symbol of unity'.

9 November 2005

‘What was it all for?’

Why are former Royal Ulster Constabulary officers seeking compensation for stress now, 10 years after the end of the Troubles in Northern Ireland?

14 September 2005

Riots for ‘recognition’

The clashes in Northern Ireland expose the dangerous side to the politics of identity.

IRA ceasefire: déjà news

The IRA has formally declared an end to its armed campaign. What, again?

31 March 2005

The fag-end of the Republic

Why Ireland made a bigger deal of the first anniversary of the smoking ban than the anniversary of the Easter Rising.

16 March 2005

McCartneys: how the personal became political

From the Short Strand to the White House - the internationalisation of a local campaign for justice.

11 February 2005

From Guildford to Guantanamo: how the world has changed

spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).