31 January 2017

This is how to inquire into child abuse

Northern Ireland shows us the right way to address past crimes.

17 January 2017

Northern Ireland: crisis or opportunity?

Perhaps the Irish might now be allowed to move beyond the past.

22 December 2016

Irish victimhood? Feck off!

After the passing of Father Jack, we should recover Ireland’s assertive, creative spirit.

8 December 2016

The Harding Clark report: when hysteria trumps fact

A new Irish report on symphysiotomy reveals the dangers of victim culture.

24 October 2016

Northern Ireland: Brexit doesn’t mean division

Brexit is an opportunity to revive politics across the UK.

31 August 2016

EC: taking a bite out of Apple

The European Commission’s tax-bashing of Apple is nothing to celebrate.

26 March 2016

One hundred years on: the dream of the Republic

The Easter Rising remains an inspiring blow for freedom.

26 March 2016

James Connolly: we only want the Earth

What we can learn from the hero of the Easter Rising.