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Books & Essays
13 January 2005

The making of London’s ‘white trash’

Michael Collins' chronicle of South-East London looks for the roots of today's chav-bashing.

15 December 2004

Fundamentalism begins at home

A French author argues that new forms of Islam owe more to Western identity politics than to the Koran.

15 December 2004

Dumbing down? Don’t blame the media

The tendency to blame reality TV both trivialises and underestimates the problem.

3 December 2004

Health in a sick society

The ‘public health’ agenda promotes powerlessness as the defining feature of our age.

2 December 2004

Ivory towers should be built on merit

It is patronising to working-class students to suggest that Oxbridge should 'positively discriminate' in their favour.

29 September 2004

Mashing the ‘couch potato’ myth

The claim that playing computer games is making kids fat is thin on evidence.

22 September 2004

Down with 21st century philistinism

Frank Furedi explains why his latest book calls for a new Culture War.

9 September 2004

Anti-vaccination nation?

An injection of perspective into the debates about vaccines, past and present.

11 August 2004

The strange death of social aspiration

Today's popular culture looks down on those who want to move up in the world.

30 July 2004

You aren’t what you eat

Dr Gillian McKeith's diet, as seen on TV, is pure quackery.