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Books & Essays
29 November 2005

If you’re happy and you know it…

Why has happiness become a matter for public policy?

18 November 2005

The Great Cholesterol Myth

We all know that a high cholesterol diet is bad for you, right? Wrong, says this medical writer.

24 October 2005

Ethical imperialism

Five new publications reveal the political atrophy of foreign policy today.

24 October 2005

How ‘state-building’ weakens states

The new focus on the international community’s ‘responsibility to protect’ failing states is external meddling by another name.

18 October 2005

Why do we fear freedom?

The first casualty of the politics of fear is open debate.

13 October 2005

China: threat or opportunity?

The rise of China could be good for the West, if only it would rise to the challenge.

12 October 2005

Academic strife: the American University in the slough of despond

By preaching the virtues of 'cultural competence', the academy betrays its lack of confidence.

7 October 2005

The Obesity Myth

The 'war on fat' is a witch-hunt masquerading as a public health initiative.

15 September 2005

Politics of Fear

Frank Furedi talks about his new book.

9 September 2005

Why people hate fat Americans

Today's attacks on obese Yanks are motivated by a broader unease with affluence.