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Books & Essays
14 December 2006

Do they know it’s Christmas?

Forget 'Peace on Earth' - Christmas has become a battleground in the culture war over the status of religion.

7 December 2006

Standing up for science

A new collection of essays puts the case for a fresh scientific enlightenment to counter the rise of superstition.

20 November 2006

Abortion: some messages can’t be massaged

It's time to ditch the spin and tell the truth about why women have abortions, and what would happen if they were denied them.

15 November 2006

Overthrowing the father

Bettina Aptheker accuses her Communist dad of sexual abuse, in a depressing memoir of the descent from free speech campaigner to victim-feminist.

1 November 2006

Putting the human back into humanism

The real threat to humanism today does not come from religious cranks and creationists, but from an army of secular misanthropes.

2 October 2006

‘I want to hear human voices reacting to something’

Liverpool fan Tony Evans, author of Far Foreign Land, berates the sanitisation of modern football.

30 August 2006

Getting to the root of ‘homegrown terrorism’

For all the talk of hotbeds of radicalism in Britain, these small, isolated sects are shaped by Western politics and self-loathing.

25 August 2006

Oh Palestine, let us mother you!

Why so many Westerners get an emotional kick from looking at pictures of injured Palestinian kids.

4 August 2006

Maybe self-loving does make you blind

Today's narcissistic celebration of masturbation stems from a deep disdain for risk, passion and human relations.

26 July 2006

Will Self’s mockery of the mockneys

The Book of Dave envisions a post-apocalyptic London, rebuilt along lines imagined by all those novelists obsessed with the seamy side of life in the capital.