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23 May 2006

Why the ‘politics of happiness’ makes me mad

If you’re unhappy with state-sponsored happiness programmes, clap your hands.

19 May 2006

The ‘right to die’? No thanks

The campaign to legalise assisted suicide cheapens and devalues human life - and makes death an even more protracted process.

Who’s afraid of economic growth?

Behind today's trendy arguments about environmentalism, ethical living and happiness, there lurks a deep disdain for material progress.

18 April 2006

Confronting the New Misanthropy

The big question today is not whether humans will survive the twenty-first century, but whether our faith in humanity will survive it.

4 April 2006

Farewell to the city?

Ignore the New Urbanists and 'Londonostalgics' - the end of the boundary between town and country is a liberation, not a loss, says a writer on urban issues.

28 March 2006

Are we addicted to love?

Theories of intimate relationships in the modern world view passionate love as a problem to be managed.

23 March 2006

Why don’t women play computer games?

The fact that these are boys' toys has been theorised as evidence for the 'politics of difference'.

16 March 2006

Taking the soul out of belief

Daniel Dennett's new book, Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, doesn't so much demystify religion as dehumanise it.

16 March 2006

The Dan Brown whodunnit

The copyright trial over The Da Vinci Code is weaving a tangled web.

14 March 2006

Dial M for madness

Stephen King's Cell, where cellphone-users become braindead flesheaters, feasts on some mainstream anxieties.