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Books & Essays
29 September 2004

Mashing the ‘couch potato’ myth

The claim that playing computer games is making kids fat is thin on evidence.

22 September 2004

Down with 21st century philistinism

Frank Furedi explains why his latest book calls for a new Culture War.

9 September 2004

Anti-vaccination nation?

An injection of perspective into the debates about vaccines, past and present.

11 August 2004

The strange death of social aspiration

Today's popular culture looks down on those who want to move up in the world.

30 July 2004

You aren’t what you eat

Dr Gillian McKeith's diet, as seen on TV, is pure quackery.

16 June 2004

Making the geopolitical personal

Anti-globalisation author Paul Kingsnorth seems more interested in self-discovery than radical politics.

14 June 2004

Construction and transport: Victorian Britain lives on

Risk-aversion, short-termism and technophobia are holding back the UK’s roads, railways and buildings.

1 June 2004

Postmodernity goes to war

Contemporary warfare is more about images and effects than bombs and battles.

28 May 2004

A diet of hysteria

A new book suggests that the panic about obesity has been super-sized.

A brief history of bollocks

Francis Wheen talks to Brendan O'Neill about creationism, McDonald's and the new anti-Enlightenment.