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Books & Essays
13 April 2005

The Dinner Lady

Jeanette Orrey's practical cookbook is spoiled by the half-baked prejudices of the Soil Association.

10 March 2005

What’s behind the State of Fear?

Michael Crichton's latest blockbuster asks some good questions, but shoots at the wrong target.

4 March 2005

Walking among the lonely crowd

Ian McEwan’s new novel, Saturday, takes the temperature of Britain’s biggest-ever anti-war demo.

4 March 2005

We’re all gonzo now

Hunter S Thompson's penchant for putting himself in the story is today what passes for mainstream journalism.

1 March 2005

Creationism, pluralism and the compromising of science

The trouble with 'teaching the controversy'.

8 February 2005

Dresden: Don’t apologise - understand

The debate surrounding the sixtieth anniversary of the firestorming of Dresden shows how sober analysis of history is being distorted by angst about the world today.

20 January 2005

Putting the photos in perspective

Susan Sontag’s 28-year-old book On Photography gives a better take on the Iraq torture snaps than most of today’s commentaries.

13 January 2005

The making of London’s ‘white trash’

Michael Collins' chronicle of South-East London looks for the roots of today's chav-bashing.

15 December 2004

Fundamentalism begins at home

A French author argues that new forms of Islam owe more to Western identity politics than to the Koran.

15 December 2004

Dumbing down? Don’t blame the media

The tendency to blame reality TV both trivialises and underestimates the problem.