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Books & Essays
6 October 2017

The revolutionary bourgeoisie

On the great social transformations that made our world.

6 October 2017

October 1917: a noble, ambitious revolution

One hundred years on from the central event of the 20th century.

6 October 2017

1917 in their own words

A compelling anthology of Russian writing from 1917 illuminates a long-obscured cultural moment.

6 October 2017

The fall of the rock stars

David Hepworth’s Uncommon People is a comedic requiem for a lost age.

6 October 2017

Transforming conservatism

Roger Scruton’s latest book captures the force – and the flaws – of the conservative worldview.

6 October 2017

The truth of the Anti-Slavery Society

A new book shows that the society was far from a principled crusade against a great evil.

29 September 2017

If Nietzsche were alive today...

Patrick West’s new book casts a searching, Nietzschean eye over the present.

15 September 2017

Le Carré comes in from the Cold War

The stunning A Legacy of Spies explores the British elite’s ambiguous relationship with its own past.

8 September 2017

An all-female Lord of the Flies would be just as savage

In desperate times, gender differences wither away.

1 September 2017

On the therapeutic state

James L Nolan, Jr reflects on the deepening of therapeutic culture, state intrusion and victimology.