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Books & Essays
27 January 2017

Narcissism: a

He’s fragile. He needs affirmation. He exploits intimacy. And he’s in a relationship with me.

27 January 2017

On free

Julian Baggini on constraint and choice.

27 January 2017

The analysed

Psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz on how we lose and find ourselves.

27 January 2017

Exploding myths of gender

Cordelia Fine’s excellent new book takes apart the idea that male and female behaviours are determined by evolution.

27 January 2017

In defence of rational man

Behavioural economics adds a pseudo-scientific sheen to anti-democracy.

27 January 2017

The neoliberal individual

Ralph Fevre’s latest explores the future of work and politics.

27 January 2017

The self in

Rejecting our common inheritance has dire consequences for the future.

25 January 2017

John Berger’s ways of seeing

The art critic and the search for meaning.

16 January 2017

Samuel Beckett: a man of letters

Beckett’s letters reveal a personality inseparable from the act of writing.

30 December 2016

‘I won’t ask permission to say what I want’

Lionel Shriver takes on the dreary conformism of contemporary culture.