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Books & Essays
30 June 2017

The declinist imagination

Arthur L Herman on progress, despair and why today isn't like the 1930s.

30 June 2017

Why you should be optimistic

Matt Ridley takes on the doom-mongers.

30 June 2017

The democratic awakening

We rebelled against technocracy, but TINA still rules.

30 June 2017

Janesville: an American elegy

Amy Goldstein’s portrait of one town ravaged by de-industrialisation has universal significance.

29 June 2017

America’s climate of crisis

Patrick Allitt looks at the emergence and development of the idea of environmental crisis.

27 June 2017

The equal opportunities revolution

A new book explores how workplace equality disempowers workers.

15 June 2017

The postmodern roots of the

Kill All Normies provides a powerful analysis of the new online culture wars.

5 May 2017

The intellectual masses

John Carey talks to Tim Black about making Milton palatable, the art of persuasion, and the value of modernism.

Modern art is not rubbish

Matthew Collings on meaning, abstraction and why judgementalism can be a problem.

5 May 2017

Nietzsche’s Enlightenment

The German philosopher is not the proto-postmodern relativist some have mistaken him for.