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Books & Essays
4 May 2018

JJ Rousseau: autonomy lost

His work laid the ground both for a radical conception of autonomy, and its critique.

Against hate-speech laws

Nadine Strossen’s new book makes an important case for the importance of free speech without limits.

Amrita Sher-Gil: unseen brilliance

The Hungarian-Indian painter is rightly hailed, yet few outside India have seen her work.

4 May 2018

Acts of faith and commemoration

Stuart Kelly on the land of Walter Scott, and the murderer who became a minister.

Radicalising the Enlightenment

Jonathan Israel on the vital importance of those who dared to know.

27 March 2018

Philip Kerr: seriously entertaining

An heir to Raymond Chandler, Kerr leaves behind a formidable, thrilling legacy.

2 March 2018

The strangers in our midst

David Miller talks migration, national self-determination and the importance of integration.

The glamour of trauma

Afua Hirsch’s narcissistic book embodies everything that is wrong with identity politics.

2 March 2018

Orwell’s people and the people’s Brexit

Born when only the toffs spoke for England, Orwell devoted his life to giving the people their voice.

2 March 2018

The paradox of patriotism

In this age of identity politics, why is national identity so demonised?