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Books & Essays
9 January 2015

Ulrich Beck and the turn against modernity

The late sociologist encapsulated the fears of our era.

19 December 2014

‘It’s about time someone said abortion is a social good’

Ann Furedi discusses Katha Pollitt's Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.

23 September 2014

Academic freedom is a big deal

The pursuit of truth is more important than lecturers’ or students’ feelings.

24 August 2014

What really happened in Rwanda?

Everything you know about the genocide is wrong, says Barrie Collins.

10 July 2014

New on spiked... our monthly review of books podcast

Podcast: spiked reviewers talk snobby liberals, psychiatric tyranny and Rod Liddle.

11 June 2014

Easy money is no solution for hard times

ESSAY: Monetary policies do nothing to address the West’s productive stupor.

Stoner: who wants to ‘escape into reality’?

John Williams’ revived Sixties novel evokes the tedium of your average life all too well.

11 April 2014

Let's make Paine's Age of Reason a reality

Burke's paternalism won out over Paine's liberalism. Let the fightback begin.

11 April 2014

India's election: the world’s largest question mark

Dolan Cummings on the biggest election in the history of mankind.

11 April 2014

Orwell’s war on the orthodoxies of left and right

Into the heart of the rebellious, liberty-loving, contrary heart of George Orwell.