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28 April 2016

Shakespeare at work

James Shapiro talks to the spiked review about what history can and can’t tell us about Shakespeare’s continued resonance.

Hegel on Hamlet

In Shakespeare’s most famous character, Hegel saw a tragic disgust with existence.

28 April 2016

In search of Shakespeare’s universalism

Edward Wilson-Lee talks to Tim Black about Shakespeare’s East African journey, from colonial talisman to inspiration to independence leaders.

28 April 2016

Made in Germany

It took the likes of Herder and Schlegel to grasp the brilliance of Shakespeare’s tragic vision.

28 April 2016

In the company of freedom lovers

Sarah Bakewell’s At the Existentialist Café is an inspiring portrait of thinkers for whom the personal is philosophical.

28 April 2016

The waltz of censorship

For the likes of Flaubert and Baudelaire, evading the censors was a very serious game.

22 April 2016

Don Quixote: birth and death of the novel

Cervantes’ classic was the first postmodern novel. Pity it wasn't the last too.

13 April 2016

How to make your university an Unsafe Space

Read Tom Slater’s manifesto for free speech on campus, from his new book.

8 April 2016

Paine and misery

In Thomas Paine, the radical Enlightenment belief that all social and political ills were remediable found its most passionate champion.