Why there’s a crisis of compassion

When society doesn’t respect wisdom and experience, is it any wonder carers don't respect the elderly?

3 January 2012

Welcome to the Nagging Health Service

Some health fanatics want everyone from GPs to hospital porters to lecture to us about our lifestyles.

Note to NHS: stop treating the public with contempt

With nothing to say about the paternalism and authoritarianism of the UK health system, the Save Our NHS protests seem wilfully out of touch.

Don’t tinker with the NHS. Completely rethink it

Why do both the right and left champion Britain’s health system when it remains inefficient, bureaucratic and sometimes inhumane?

6 June 2011

It shouldn’t be treason to criticise the NHS

Until we stop treating the NHS with reverence, we'll never have an honest discussion about improving healthcare.

Save our National Health Service? Why, exactly?

Given the contempt with which the NHS treats ordinary people, it’s no wonder they aren’t lining up with the ‘Save our NHS’ lobby.

20 May 2010

Turning clinicians into state apparatchiks

A survey asking medical staff to rate the coolness of leaders like Hitler was naff – but so is the entire ‘leadership agenda’.

17 November 2009

Undermining nursing care by degrees

The proposal that nurses in England should be university graduates will further reduce the level of basic nursing skills.

17 August 2009

America’s health wars

The backlash against Obama’s modest healthcare reforms is born from the fear of an uncertain future and a distrust of the political class.

17 August 2009

Health wars: six myths about the NHS debate

The support for a Twitter campaign backing the UK health service has little to do with the merits of state-run medicine.