11 November 2015

Curing Layla: the brilliance of mankind

Scientists are playing God – and it’s a good thing, too.

3 July 2014

Savile: trawling for scandal?

A series of NHS reports lists claims of abuse by Savile – but how many could be proven?

4 December 2013

Behavioural design: a public dis-service

Using design to make people behave in UK A&E departments leaves the source of people's frustrations untouched.

12 September 2013

NHS: time to disestablish our ‘national religion’?

If England’s hospitals are as bad as Channel 4 News suggests, why is discussion of NHS reform still political kryptonite?

31 July 2013

Lewisham A&E: democracy in intensive care

Using the judiciary to overturn the decision to close a London A&E department was not a triumph for people power.

Who cares? The crisis of kindness in the NHS

Politicians who think an ethos of caring can be enforced by rules and checklists are in for a rude awakening.

19 February 2013

Why caregivers have stopped caring

A former nurse says that the mistreatment of patients at Mid-Staffs is a symptom of a bigger crisis of compassion.

22 November 2012

In defence of the Liverpool Care Pathway

The panic spread by hacks and politicians about end-of-life care in UK hospitals needs to be tackled head-on.

1 May 2012

The rationing of medical treatment is really sick

Withholding healthcare from smokers and fat people is a pretty grotesque attempt to strongarm everyone into the so-called Good Life.