20 May 2016

Growing out of Radiohead

It's time Jonny Greenwood was set free from this miserabilist outfit.

Sunset Boulevard: Close to greatness

The performance of Glenn Close once again elevates this musical version of the Billy Wilder classic.

26 April 2016

Prince: everyone’s freak

The Purple One was more than a hero to lonely outsiders.

22 April 2016

Prince, pop’s genius

His dedication to his craft made him one of the greats of popular culture.

15 April 2016

Led Zeppelin on trial: you can’t copyright a cliché

The plagiarism case against Plant and Page reeks of desperation.

Must-reads from the past week

Sin taxes and saint subsidies

Sin taxes and saint subsidies

Oakland vs Big Data Brother

Oakland vs Big Data Brother

On Hillbilly Elegy

On Hillbilly Elegy

11 March 2016

George Martin: pop’s great innovator

How The Beatles producer changed the music game.

15 January 2016

Bowie’s death: a Diana moment for Generation X

Social media has been gripped by the worst case of mourning sickness for 20 years.

12 January 2016

When Bowie was not a ‘national treasure’

The Seventies starman was the spirit of that turbulent age in dayglow jumpsuit.

12 January 2016

Bowie and the shrinking sense of possibility

Bowie’s rise and demise speak to a crisis of cultural freedom.