Drink and drugs
Drink and drugs

Drink and drugs

24 March 2005

The cannabis debate: puff and nonsense

What's behind the UK government's 'rethink' of the dope laws?

25 February 2005

Sir Ian Blair - a right Charlie

The new Met chief's crackdown on middle-class cokeheads is a PC stunt.

21 February 2005

Can’t stand him now

How the tabloids turned ex-Libertine Pete Doherty into 'Potty Pete', their favourite edgy crackhead.

5 November 2004

Offside, 5 November

Adrian Mutu might have saved his skin if he'd joined Coke Snorters Anonymous.

7 October 2004

The thin white line

The 'war on drugs' is off its head.

23 September 2004

Skool daze

Teachers should be testing pupils' minds, not the dope residues in their blood.

16 September 2004

Measure for measure

The UK government uses legless stats to try to warn us off the demon drink.

13 July 2004

Men behaving badly

What is it about happy hours that gives the UK government the shakes?

17 March 2004

Bring back Toby Belch

Read spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on the UK government's 'National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy'.

19 December 2002

The rehab don't work

Treatment that replaces drugs with therapy just makes you worse.