A grotesque illustration of modern politics

Politicians pursue pointless, illiberal policies like plain packaging as a cheap way of scoring points against each other.

4 April 2014

Welsh e-cigs ban: liberty goes up in vapour

Government proposals to curb e-cigarette usage reek of irrational illiberalism.

20 February 2014

Anti-tobacco campaigners: what a bunch of Cnuts

The controversy over TV advertising for e-cigs shows that tobacco-control activists are more interested in lifestyle regulation than health.

7 October 2013

A puffed-up scare over menthol cigarettes

The EU’s proposed ban exposes the myth of ‘evidence-based’ policy.

5 September 2013

The fag-end of Irish politics

The idea of a 'tobacco-free Ireland' has little to do with health - it’s a desperate attempt to prop up the country's ailing political class.

21 August 2013

The EU: going mental over menthol

The anti-smoking crackdown from Brussels has turned to the menace of mildly minty flavouring.

Taking the pleasure out of e-cigarettes

The authorities’ attempt to classify e-ciggies as medicinal effaces the real reason people smoke - they enjoy it.

9 May 2013

The new EU directive: quit smoking or die

New rules from Brussels effectively banning low-risk alternatives to cigarettes, like e-cigs, will cost lives.