16 February 2006

Smoking out the facts

The ban on public smoking is justified as a measure to protect workers from second-hand smoke. But how big is the risk?

23 December 2005

No room at the inn for smokers

...or even in their own homes, if health officials have their way.

7 December 2005

The winds of illiberalism blow through Chicago

From our man in the Windy City: the latest place to ban smoking in public.

24 June 2005

The fag-end of public policy

The Department of Health consultation on a public smoking ban is Kafkaesque nonsense.

24 February 2005

Choice, liberty and the evil weed

Smoking is not a cause - but anti-smoking has become a crusade.

1 February 2005

Healthier in lungs, poorer in spirit

A non-smoking New Yorker misses the illicit, adult camaraderie of smoke-filled bars.

21 July 2004

Smoking out the facts

The British Medical Association's public health campaigns on passive smoking and junk food might ruin its reputation in the long run.

5 July 2004

The fag end of radical politics

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on smoking bans and passive politics.

25 June 2004

An epidemic of epidemiology

Yes, a seminal study proves the link between smoking and lung cancer. That does not mean we should swallow dubious statistics about other 'dangerous' lifestyles.

24 April 2003

Pictures of ill-health

Canada's gruesome anti-smoking images have become a fashion accessory among American youth.