Religion and atheism

Religion and atheism

21 August 2006

Always look on the Shi’ite side of life

Religion is all the rage at the Edinburgh Festival this year. But is it all just self-satisfied liberals endlessly reprising The Life of Brian?

13 April 2006

The Bible story: holy shit

Conception through the left earhole, a 14-year-old virgin impregnated by God, and other wacky Easter tales.

21 March 2006

There’s no human right to wear a jilbab

How did schoolgirl dress become a matter for the Law Lords?

16 March 2006

Taking the soul out of belief

Daniel Dennett's new book, Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, doesn't so much demystify religion as dehumanise it.

13 January 2006

Is religion the root of all evil?

spiked-TV: Richard Dawkins' attack on religion ended up giving atheist humanism a bad name.

28 December 2005

An unholy marriage

Catholic reactionaries and secular miserabilists have joined forces to spoil our fun.

13 December 2005

Bin Laden’s script: ghost-written in the West

One thing is clear from the new book Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden - the al-Qaeda leader doesn't have an original thought in his head.

14 September 2005

Riots for ‘recognition’

The clashes in Northern Ireland expose the dangerous side to the politics of identity.

Did the Pope spread AIDS in Africa?

The evidence is less than compelling.

Pope John Paul II: fast-tracked to celebrity sainthood?

How he became 'the Greatest Pope' - by dying.