Religion and atheism

23 July 2014

The anti-Catholic crackdown at UCLU

How students' union zealots are stifling controversial ethical debates.

18 July 2014

spiked is wrong about Islamophobia’

The founder of Tell Mama responds to Tim Black's recent article.

14 February 2014

We are all Ayatollahs now

25 years on from that fatwa, everyone now demands the destruction of things that offend them.

9 December 2013

Pope Francis: the new King of Italy

In a country with little faith in politics, the 'people's pontiff' has become Italy's de facto head of state.

28 November 2013

Intolerance dolled up as ‘equality’

The Supreme Court judgment in the B&B / gay couple controversy shows how illiberal equality laws can be.

8 October 2013

The intolerant crusade against circumcision

In the name of child protection, anti-faith zealots are attacking a way of life.