Pandemic fears

Pandemic fears

9 February 2007

Stop agonising over the pyrotechnic prig

On the mysterious letter-bomber and the bird flu outbreak: read Mick Hume's columns in The Times (London) this week.

8 February 2007

A tale of two panics

Why are we in less of a flap about bird flu now that it has arrived in Britain than we were 18 months ago when it was a ‘spectre’ in Asia?

13 April 2006

Avian flu: this is not 1918

The discovery of a dead infected swan in Fife has led to warnings of another 1918-style flu epidemic. Let’s have some historical and scientific perspective.

23 February 2006

Bird flu and Chicken Little culture

Why are critics of the politics of fear turning into scaremongers about the threat of an avian flu pandemic?

23 February 2006

Bird flu: an infectious panic

Even if bird flu does transform into a human pandemic, we are better placed to tackle it than ever before in history.

25 November 2005

Pandemic flu: turning a drama into a crisis

UK health secretary Patricia Hewitt blames the ‘worried well’ for creating a shortage of flu vaccines. But who made the well worried?

14 October 2005

A tale of two scares

President Bush wants us to fear bin Laden; everyone else wants us to fear bird flu. We should tell both sets of apocalypse-mongers to get a grip.

Fearing flu

Nobody knows whether or when there will be a new flu pandemic - but the panic about it is certainly bad for us.

6 February 2004

A poultry problem?

In dealing with avian flu, don't look to SARS for a model.

19 August 2003

A viral hurricane?

West Nile Virus is unlikely to make it up the Thames.