Pandemic fears

Pandemic fears

2 February 2016

Zika is not ‘the new ebola’

The scaremongering over the virus is deeply damaging.

3 February 2015

Ebola: showing up the fearmongers

After their shocking response to ebola, it’s time WHO broke up.

24 October 2014

They think it’s
all ebola

The football world's response to the disease has been farcical.

20 October 2014

Ebola: the culture of fear goes viral

The real threat to the West does not come from ebola.

6 August 2014

Fear not, ebola won't wipe us out

Misanthropes are using the disease to spread unfounded fears.

7 June 2011

Killer cucumbers and evil bean sprouts? Chill out

Yes, the E. coli outbreak in Germany is serious, but the panic-fuelled overreaction to it has ended up making things even worse.

23 May 2011

WHO’s learned nothing from the swine-flu panic?

The over-reaction to H1N1 influenza in 2009 was built on years of waiting for ‘the Big One’.

Apocalypse looms – again

Before you fall for the scare about antibiotic-resistant plagues, just consider how insanely wrong the authorities were about swine flu.

22 December 2009

A pandemic of fantasy flu

This year’s swine flu panic crowned a decade in which the gap between public-health scaremongering and reality was vast.

Making a pig’s ear of the vaccination debate

People are right to be sceptical about the swine-flu scare, but it is telling – and worrying – that they focus their scepticism on swine-flu jabs.