5 November 2002

Pooh-poohing postmodernism

Frederick Crews, author of the long-awaited sequel to The Pooh Perplex, discusses the transformation of academic disciplines into 'incomprehensible crap'.

11 July 2002

Positing the positive

Charles Leadbeater, author of Up the Down Escalator, talked to Helene Guldberg about the politics of pessimism.

24 January 2002

‘This is a case of table pounding’

The 'Skeptical Environmentalist' Bjorn Lomborg tells Helene Guldberg how he has weathered the storm of reaction against him.

19 October 2001

Fighting talk: Claire Rayner

Claire Rayner on how Blair's 'war glee' has frightened the socks off her.

9 February 2001

Me and My Vote: Claire Rayner and Virginia Ironside

Claire Rayner and Virginia Ironside, the UK's leading agony aunts, worry about who to vote for at the general election.