30 April 2007

On trial in the Red Star gallery

Sam Tanenhaus, the American editor and author of a book on McCarthyism, proves to be a prickly interviewee.

20 April 2006

‘Gambling is a pastime, not a disease’

American addiction expert Stanton Peele chastises British commentators who see gamblers as fickle victims.

15 September 2005

Politics of Fear

Frank Furedi talks about his new book.

22 September 2004

Down with 21st century philistinism

Frank Furedi explains why his latest book calls for a new Culture War.

30 July 2004

Keep taking the tablets

Forget the scare stories, says Diarmuid Jeffreys, author of a history of aspirin – the little white pill is 'one of the most amazing creations in medical history'.

‘They have vilified the sun - and me’

Professor Michael Holick, author of The UV Advantage, tells Brendan O’Neill how he was turned into a pariah for suggesting that a little bit of sunlight can be good for you.

More sorry than safe

Professor Sir Colin Berry says our obsession with the precautionary principle is making life more dangerous.

22 April 2004

‘It’s stifling, that feeling of falseness’

Ricky Gervais talks to Ed Barrett about The Office and offices.

22 December 2003

'One aesthetic banality is added to another'

Art critic Matthew Collings on the controversy of contemporary art, and why Perry's Turner Prize-winning pots are mundane kitsch.

5 November 2002

Pooh-poohing postmodernism

Frederick Crews, author of the long-awaited sequel to The Pooh Perplex, discusses the transformation of academic disciplines into 'incomprehensible crap'.