26 January 2017

‘I had no option but to fight for the truth’

Deborah Lipstadt on Denial, David Irving and free speech.

‘I’m taking on the establishment, and they hate me for it’

Nigel Farage on consensus, conformism and the virtue of dissent.

2 April 2014

‘Everything should be open to question’

Kindly Inquisitors author Jonathan Rauch on the importance of doubt.

20 December 2013

How authority became a dirty word

Frank Furedi on why there’s little positive about today’s crisis of authority.

11 July 2013

‘I don’t believe in role models’

Footballing icon Rodney Marsh on Beckham, bad-taste jokes and OBEs.

11 April 2013

Why shouldn’t human beings play God?

Read Living Marxism’s 1989 interview with test-tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards, who died this week.

1 August 2011

‘Did I cause the Norway massacre? That’s just silly’

Thilo Sarrazin, controversial author of Germany Abolishes Itself, tells spiked that those blaming him for Norway are ‘insane’.

17 October 2008

‘Climate change denial is a mental disorder’

Ethan Greenhart, author of Can I Recycle My Granny?, scraps with spiked over the recession, breastfeeding and ‘anti-science speech crimes’.

30 April 2007

On trial in the Red Star gallery

Sam Tanenhaus, the American editor and author of a book on McCarthyism, proves to be a prickly interviewee.

20 April 2006

‘Gambling is a pastime, not a disease’

American addiction expert Stanton Peele chastises British commentators who see gamblers as fickle victims.