Love and sex
Love and sex

Love and sex

31 August 2005

Kneejerking off over violent porn

The government's declaration of war on ‘extreme material’ is about politics more than pornography.

11 August 2005

Alone sharks

It's National Singles Week, and Bridget Jones is back. But is singleton society something to celebrate?

11 August 2005

Sexual doctrine swings both ways

So it’s okay for priests to be gay, so long as they don't have sex? The Church of England once again gets its cassocks in a knot.

3 August 2005

Costing commitment

Who would a cohabitation law be for?

The Consequences of Love

A new Italian film shows that there are merits to taking it slow.

4 May 2004

No sense please, we’re British

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on the new Sexual Offences Act.

24 March 2004

Loving a lie

A new book tells the story of online relationships.

26 February 2004

The end of the affairs

Was Sex and the City's climax a triumph for romance, or did the girls simply grow up?

12 February 2004

Another nasty sex campaign

Why is the Department of Health getting its knickers in a twist about STIs?

6 February 2004

As if AIDS isn’t bad enough

...the UNAIDS campaign in Africa is making it worse.