Love and sex

23 November 2015

The fake-penis case: a moral travesty

Gayle Newland’s sentence revealed a chasm between the law and the people.

11 November 2015

Is changing your child’s sex legal?

The treatment of gender dysphoria in children poses a legal and moral dilemma.

10 November 2015

‘But you’re a white man!’: how identity politics crushes debate

George Lawlor on the racialised response to his criticism of consent classes.

4 November 2015

We don’t need men’s rights

And we don’t need feminism, either.

4 November 2015

Who’s really being silenced in the gender debate?

Men’s issues have been ignored for too long.

2 November 2015

Tara Hudson: imprisoned by identity politics

In the eyes of the law, Hudson should be seen as a man.

2 November 2015

it’s a piece of cake

Being guilt-tripped into eating baked goods is not a matter for the police.

27 October 2015

Teaching consent, policing intimacy

Consent classes turn relationships into business transactions.

19 October 2015

At last, a rebellion against sexual-consent classes

It’s high time students refused to attend these patronising lectures.