London bombs
London bombs

London bombs

6 July 2015

Ten years after
7/7, they still don’t get it

The problem isn’t powerful jihadism – it’s the crisis of Western values.

7 July 2010

Five years on: the lessons of 7/7

The bombings in London in 2005 were homegrown, nihilistic acts — not part of an international terrorist conspiracy.

21 April 2008

It’s official: it is now a crime to be arrogant

The imprisonment of Abu Izzadeen for the ‘criminal offence’ of Talking Bollocks In A Mosque represents a grave assault on free speech.

Crawley plot: an ‘Anti-Social Behaviour Outrage’?

With their disdain for 'slags', football fans and Bluewater chavs, the plotters come across like the armed wing of the chattering classes.

3 April 2007

Is London still stressed out about 7/7?

A survey claiming that 11 per cent of Londoners were ‘substantially stressed’ by the bombings raises more questions than answers.

19 July 2006

Missing the mark on the de Menezes shooting

As police are charged with 'health and safety' violations over their killing of the Brazilian, the whole affair becomes increasingly surreal.

10 July 2006

7/7: a media memorial

The commemoration of the first anniversary of the London bombings was a spectacle conducted for the cameras.

7 July 2006

7/7: a year on, darkness and confusion still reign

The anniversary of the London bombings is not an occasion for silence, but for some overdue debate.

7 July 2006

Heaven knows I’m an Islamist now

The nihilistic posturing of some radical Muslim youth echoes the teenage angst of British popular culture, from Quadrophenia to The Smiths.

The truth about 7/7: it was meaningless

The UK government's 'narrative' on the London bombings shows how empty and pointless the attacks were. So why do so many try to read meaning into them?