Modern life
Modern life

Modern life

10 January 2012

Divorcing marriage from morality

By promoting it as a least worst lifestyle option, modern defenders of marriage are undermining its best aspects.

10 January 2012

Executive pay and the assault on aspiration

The consensus that top bosses get paid too much is really a way of selling the idea that all society is too greedy.

8 November 2011

Questo corso è molto prevenuto

Language courses always come with baggage, like the BBC one that teaches you to talk about climate change in Italian.

2 November 2011

How CSR became big business

Corporate social responsibility allows governments to avoid accountability and gives companies a sense of purpose.

5 September 2011

The NSPCC doesn’t help kids - it harms them

With its ceaseless promotion of fear and suspicion of adults, the NSPCC undermines organic bonds between generations.

4 July 2011

Miss Fancy Pants vs uncouth youth

That snooty mother-in-law’s email about manners has been a viral hit because it exercises something rare: adult authority.

27 June 2011

An unholy marriage of snobbery and snideyness

The cultural elite’s support for gay marriage is more about distinguishing themselves from homophobic plebs than fighting for equal rights.

20 June 2011

The narcissism of the Primark haters

Panorama’s faked footage of Indian child labour shows how ethical consumerism is always about us, not them.

The culture war on toffs and chavs

Today’s liberal smart set hates the posh and the poor, seeing both as blasts from a best-forgotten past.

24 May 2011

Rape law: did Ken Clarke have a point?

The expanded definition of rape in recent years is causing discomfort for politicians, lawyers and jurors.