Modern life
Modern life

Modern life

20 March 2015

Three judges caught watching porn? Let’s put ‘self‑love’ on trial

We must stop treating the consumption of porn as good or healthy.

19 March 2015

Too young to resist ISIS, but old enough to vote?

Politicians’ view of 16-year-olds is schizophrenic.

14 January 2015

Reality TV’s moral freakshow

Big Brother gathers up the morally ‘deformed’ for the right-thinking to laugh at.

11 November 2014

‘Death to Dapper’: behold the new intolerance

The terrifying censoriousness of the campaign against Dapper Laughs.

10 November 2014

Killing the Vibe of Brick Lane

The police and local councils are destroying London’s nightlife.

20 June 2014

In praise of shopping

Harry Wallop talks to spiked about Iceland, olive oil and snobbery.

9 December 2013

Lifestyle meddling: the ‘crack cocaine’ of politics

Fixed-odds betting terminals are a minor problem compared with the authoritarianism of modern politicians.

Time for some
high-street innovation

ESSAY: Britain’s retail sector needs to stop worrying about the greens and learn to love new technology.

4 June 2013

Anti-Primark posing
helps nobody

Blaming Western shoppers for the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building will make life worse for Bangladeshis.