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Museums and galleries

12 December 2016

Robert Rauschenberg: a modern great

A wondrous Tate retrospective showcases a man ahead of his time.

21 June 2016

New Tate Modern: politics at the price of beauty

The politicised, unsubtle curation makes for a wearying experience.

15 October 2015

Cosmonauts: a tribute to Russian grit

A new exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the Space Race.

12 December 2014

The British Museum has lost its marbles

Why loaning the Elgin Marbles to Russia is a mistake.

7 March 2014

Vikings: life and legend – savaging the myths

A new exhibition shows there’s more to the Vikings than raping and pillaging.

6 March 2014

Museums: give us artefacts, not yarns

Using museum exhibitions to ‘tell a story’ patronises the public.

28 February 2014

Museums need to grow up

The problem with many UK museums is they treat everyone like kids.