Parents and kids
Parents and kids

Parents and kids

1 March 2005

Breast- and bottle-feeding: Is ‘better’ always best?

When new mothers find that 'informed choice' is no choice at all, it's time for a real debate.

16 February 2005

Fat and fiction

A new study finds that claims of a childhood obesity epidemic in the UK have been hugely overblown.

1 September 2004

Hands-off care for kids

New research reveals the 'ludicrous ways' in which childcare professionals now avoid touching the young children they look after.

The day-care scare

Are nurseries really turning toddlers into thugs?

7 July 2004

Punishing parents

The campaign against smacking is based on the poisonous notion that children need to be saved from their parents.

26 May 2004

Baby bribes

If people don't want children, a government grant is unlikely to change their mind.

19 May 2004

Children Bill: monitoring problems

While the state spies on families to 'see what services they need', parents who ask for help are ignored.

19 May 2004

Not in front of the parents

The 14-year-old's 'secret' abortion shows that professionals now see Mum and Dad as the problem.

12 May 2004

New Labour makes the Jesuits look like liberals

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on parenting policy and 'infant determinism'.

21 April 2004

Tracking parents

The UK government's proposed child protection database replaces professional judgement with generalised suspicion.