Parents and kids

17 July 2014

Growing up with paedophiles

Not so long ago, adults treated paedophiles with caution rather than dread.

9 July 2014

NSPCC: not in the best interests of the child

Making reporting of child abuse mandatory will not help children.

25 June 2014

Named persons: spies in the family home

The Scottish government’s plan to provide every child with a ‘state guardian’ is downright scary.

23 June 2014

Understanding parenting culture today

The authors of Parenting Culture Studies outline the themes of this important new book.

11 April 2014

Helicopter parents vs cotton-wool kids

Parenting Culture Studies cuts through the confusing world of modern parenting.

3 April 2014

Cinderella Law: the Grimm fiction of emotional abuse

New child-neglect laws will criminalise normal aspects of parenting.

24 March 2014

Early childhood maketh not the man

John Bruer talks to spiked about the myth of the first three years being pivotal.

24 March 2014

Baby Bonds: patronising parents

Parents don’t need policymakers’ help to love their children.