27 July 2006

Trial by TV and tabloid

Last night's BBC documentary The Boys Who Killed Stephen Lawrence showed that this tragic murder has been turned into a morality tale about the oafishness of the white working classes.

14 July 2006

Inviting Hindus to play the victim card

A survey of British Hindus reveals the extent to which multiculturalism fosters division and grievance.

3 February 2006

The press should be free to ridicule Islam

On the European controversy about those Danish cartoons.

20 January 2006

Iran: an irrational war of words

The spat between the West and Iran highlights the dangers of making up foreign policy as you go along.

20 September 2005

Trevor Phillips: ghetto blaster?

The chair of the Commission for Racial Equality might worry about racial segregation in Britain's cities, but his proposed solutions will only push people further apart.

The price of multiculturalism

What the responses to the killing of Anthony Walker in Liverpool and the failed bombings in London reveal about contemporary Britain.

2 August 2005

Hiroshima: the ‘White Man’s Bomb’ revisited

Dropping the Bomb on Japan was the final act of a bitter race war in the Pacific.

1 July 2005

570,000 ‘illegal immigrants’: so what?

Britain is coping just fine with its new arrivals, and could take more still.

19 August 2004

How ‘diversity’ breeds division

The more the authorities talk about racism, the more they racialise everyday life.

3 March 2004

Britain’s homegrown identity crisis

Immigrants are not causing the confusion over common values.