A witness to cheap self-flagellation

The 'Walk of Witness' to apologise for the slave trade captured today’s use and abuse of past atrocities for political (and religious) ends.

23 March 2007

Chaining black youth to the victim culture

Are the commemorations of the abolition of the slave trade helping to foster fatalism amongst young black Britons?

19 March 2007

Are immigrants eating our identity?

In debates about citizenship, health and education, the government is displacing its own crisis of identity on to newcomers.

13 March 2007

Silencing the ‘niggas’ of New York

In banning the n-word, New York City Council is driven by the dodgy notion that words make reality, rather than the other way around.

A war of words over the 'Yid Army'

Ignore the touchy PC brigade: the fans of north London football club Tottenham Hotspur should be allowed to call themselves whatever they like.

7 February 2007

Are we all racists and victims now?

Those who want to turn everything into a race issue today are desperate to impose a phoney new national morality.

23 January 2007

Not-so-positive discrimination

Kevin Yuill’s enlightening new book shows that ‘affirmative action’ arose not from an optimistic vision of the future, but from despair.

17 January 2007

Ghosts in the immigration machine

Nick Broomfield’s film about the Morecambe Bay tragedy is emotive, but it fails to ask any probing questions.

15 January 2007

Why I applauded the ‘BNP ballerina’

Who cares what Simone Clarke thinks in private? Her performance as Giselle was sprightly, springy and brilliant.

12 January 2007

‘If I am sent back, I will be jobless’

Emily Hill meets some of the highly skilled immigrants whose lives have been turned upside down by New Labour’s knee-jerkism.