10 November 2006

The myth of ‘anti-white racism’

The presentation of the murder of a white boy in Glasgow as racially motivated distorts the facts for cynical political gain.

3 November 2006

Eastern Europeans: the new ‘white niggers’

Scare stories about criminal gangs from Romania and Bulgaria fit perfectly with today's anti-racist racism.

27 October 2006

Who needs Borat when we’ve got the CRE chief?

Read spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times.

10 October 2006

End this Muslim-Mania

The frenzied obsession with veils and all things Islamic looks like a distraction from facing up to some home truths about our society.

10 October 2006

A veiled debate

British women who wear the niqab have more in common with hoodies than with Islamic tradition.

24 August 2006

Another million Eastern European immigrants? Let them in!

The UK government’s proposed restrictions on immigration from the new EU states are motivated by mean-spirited NIMBYism.

9 August 2006

Not-so-positive discrimination

The UK government’s plan to monitor the number of black and Asian people employed by private companies is an affront to meritocracy, universalism and genuine equality.

27 July 2006

Trial by TV and tabloid

Last night's BBC documentary The Boys Who Killed Stephen Lawrence showed that this tragic murder has been turned into a morality tale about the oafishness of the white working classes.

14 July 2006

Inviting Hindus to play the victim card

A survey of British Hindus reveals the extent to which multiculturalism fosters division and grievance.

3 February 2006

The press should be free to ridicule Islam

On the European controversy about those Danish cartoons.