17 January 2007

Ghosts in the immigration machine

Nick Broomfield’s film about the Morecambe Bay tragedy is emotive, but it fails to ask any probing questions.

15 January 2007

Why I applauded the ‘BNP ballerina’

Who cares what Simone Clarke thinks in private? Her performance as Giselle was sprightly, springy and brilliant.

12 January 2007

‘If I am sent back, I will be jobless’

Emily Hill meets some of the highly skilled immigrants whose lives have been turned upside down by New Labour’s knee-jerkism.

11 December 2006

Time for a backlash against the hate-obsessed state?

After 7/7 we were warned of a possible pogrom against Muslims. If anything, prosecutions for anti-Muslim acts actually fell.

23 November 2006

Diversity is divisive

A new manifesto looks set to kickstart a debate about how multiculturalism fosters tribalism and political victimhood.

21 November 2006

Multiculturalism: there is no alternative

A conference in London exposed the authoritarian bent to diversity policies.

10 November 2006

The myth of ‘anti-white racism’

The presentation of the murder of a white boy in Glasgow as racially motivated distorts the facts for cynical political gain.

3 November 2006

Eastern Europeans: the new ‘white niggers’

Scare stories about criminal gangs from Romania and Bulgaria fit perfectly with today's anti-racist racism.

27 October 2006

Who needs Borat when we’ve got the CRE chief?

Read spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times.

10 October 2006

End this Muslim-Mania

The frenzied obsession with veils and all things Islamic looks like a distraction from facing up to some home truths about our society.