14 March 2008

Escape white culture – put on the hijab!

The BBC’s White Girl was stuffed with prejudices about the scum of the earth (white working-class families) and the salt of the earth (Muslims).

The student doth protest too much

Teachers should not backslap a group of teenage girls who refused to sit an exam on Shakespeare in protest against his anti-Semitism.

8 August 2007

Who does Doreen Lawrence think she is?

We all empathise with the mother of Stephen Lawrence. But we don’t have to respect her views on race, policing, Boris or anything else.

6 August 2007

Hiroshima: the ‘White Man’s Bomb’ revisited

On the 62nd anniversary of Hiroshima, read Mick Hume's essay on how the dropping of the A-bomb was the final act of a bitter race war in the Pacific.

Get this filth off our screens

Channel 4's transformation of the 'nigger incident' on Big Brother into a moral parable for the viewing public is the really offensive thing.

We need more houses, not divisive housing policies

Margaret Hodge's comments that 'residents' should get priority will only legitimise anti-immigrant sentiment.

10 May 2007

What now for the M-word?

Today, many slam the Blairites for enforcing divisive multiculturalism policies – but the critics’ solutions are no better.

10 April 2007

Stop pandering to Muslims

UK government initiatives to 'deal with' younger Muslims only leave them feeling more alienated from political life.

3 April 2007

Multiculturalism: bad for your mental health?

Today's emphasis on 'cultural difference' is one reason why black people get unequal treatment in the mental health sphere.

26 March 2007

Who's not sorry now?

The bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade has become a field day for the new politics of apologism.