21 November 2011

That’s enough anti-racist blather about Blatter

The obnoxious FIFA president had a point for once – and the real targets of the moral backlash are the masses who watch and play football.

25 October 2011

Who’s afraid of Basildon Man?

The Dale Farm clash allowed the commentariat to resuscitate their long-standing loathing for Essex men and women.

24 January 2011

Muslims vs ‘slags’: a
clash of civilisations?

The fevered row about Muslim men ‘street grooming’ white girls suggests the political class has taken leave of reality.

13 September 2010

Thilo Sarrazin: the dark side of multiculturalism

Sarrazin’s claim that people are imprisoned by their ethnicity is not that different from PC notions of ‘diversity’.

30 June 2010

Criminalising the rough and tumble of politics

The conviction of a black Bristol City councillor who called an Asian colleague a ‘coconut’ is a serious assault on free speech and democracy.

16 February 2010

An Emergency Meeting in that pub?

The BNP made their ‘big decision’ in the pub where I learnt karate and watched Sunday lunchtime strippers.

23 October 2009

The new divide in British politics: Us and Him

Question Time was no victory for rigorous and free debate – it merely confirmed Nick Griffin’s elevation as the voodoo doll of public life.

12 October 2009

Jackson Jive: the return of Aussie racism?

Australia’s bizarre TV ‘black face’ scandal springs more from the politics of identity than old-fashioned racism.

6 October 2009

Strictly No Racism – even in private

The reaction to dancer Anton du Beke’s dodgy joke shows that official ‘anti-racism’ is an insidious form of censorship.

4 August 2009

The return of workers’ blacklists

By calling for far-right people to be sacked from the civil service, the PCS union is adopting anti-union tactics.