12 October 2009

Jackson Jive: the return of Aussie racism?

Australia’s bizarre TV ‘black face’ scandal springs more from the politics of identity than old-fashioned racism.

6 October 2009

Strictly No Racism – even in private

The reaction to dancer Anton du Beke’s dodgy joke shows that official ‘anti-racism’ is an insidious form of censorship.

4 August 2009

The return of workers’ blacklists

By calling for far-right people to be sacked from the civil service, the PCS union is adopting anti-union tactics.

29 July 2009

It is the EHRC itself that is autocratic

It wasn’t Trevor Phillips who made the Equality and Human Rights Commission ‘dictatorial’ - by its very nature the EHRC is authoritarian.

What next, ‘British women for British men’?

Brown’s promise of social housing for local people shows that he thinks the way to beat the BNP is to steal its policies.

18 June 2009

Northern Ireland: the capital of ‘race hate’?

The attacks on Romanian migrants are shocking, but they are not evidence of any widespread virulent racism.

11 February 2009

Now it’s a war on words

Free speech controversies involving Prince Harry, Carol Thatcher and Jeremy Clarkson show the new thought police are in danger of running riot.

3 February 2009

Yesterday’s anti-Zionism is today’s anti-Semitism

The head of the Community Security Trust responds to Frank Furedi’s essay on 21st-century anti-Jewish sentiment.

19 January 2009

After Gaza: what’s behind 21st-century anti-Semitism?

Anti-Israel sentiment is morphing into anti-Jewish sentiment, as more and more people project their disdain for the modern world on to ‘the Jew’.

12 December 2008

Twenty years on: internalising the fatwa

Kenan Malik discusses the multiculturalism, political conflict and liberal cowardice that defined the Rushdie Affair and its legacy.