The new segregation on campus

Calls for gay- or black-only dorms are deeply conservative.

‘We need a mayor as dynamic as London’

We talk the London mayor, Rhodes Must Fall and Leicester City.

7 April 2016

Now it’s war on the wiggas

Cultural appropriation is re-racialising campus life.

18 March 2016

In praise of CLR James

A challenging new biopic reveals a tireless, fearless revolutionary.

11 March 2016

Rhodes Must Fall: a privileged protest?

Well-off students make unconvincing warriors against 'imperialistic' statues.

15 February 2016

In praise of cultural appropriation

The mixing and meshing of different cultures is something to celebrate.

10 February 2016

From Black Power to black pain

Beyoncé’s performance was more about recognition than empowerment.

22 January 2016

Oscars boycott: down with the art of identity

A racialised new climate is robbing art of its transcendent impulse.