22 January 2016

Oscars boycott: down with the art of identity

A racialised new climate is robbing art of its transcendent impulse.

28 December 2015

Never mind Rhodes – it’s the cult of the victim that must fall

What the rotten anti-Rhodes movement reveals about 2015.

27 December 2015

The year race made a comeback

In 2015, we saw the rise of a toxic new racialism.

23 November 2015

Microaggression theory: an assault on everyday life

This crusade against unwitting racism is deeply divisive.

9 November 2015

The ‘Yale snowflakes’:
who made these monsters?

These little tyrants are the bastard offspring of older radicals.

5 November 2015

#KillAllWhiteMen? What about #KillAllMuslims?

The case of Bahar Mustafa shows we’re in a state over free speech.

23 October 2015

Black Panthers:
neither vanguard nor victims

A new film reminds us that radicals didn’t always play the pity card.