28 August 2015

A black hero for guilty whites

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me offers a disturbing insight into the new racialism.

5 August 2015

Don’t put culture in a ghetto

Policing ‘cultural appropriation’ is just a PC version of segregation.

28 July 2015

How egalitarianism became a microaggression

Refusing to believe in race is now treated as a form of racism.

28 July 2015

White people: a bad racial group?

The MTV documentary White People makes sweeping racial generalisations.

23 June 2015

After Charleston: a show of common humanity

No, Dylann Roof’s act of nihilism was not ‘the real America’.

16 June 2015

Rachel Dolezal: desperately seeking victim status

The Dolezal story exposes the disturbing influence of identity politics.

16 June 2015

White guilt never helped anyone

Rachel Dolezal is in good company – whites ‘passing’ for blacks has a long inglorious history.

We’ll dress
how we want

The fancy-dress furore at Hartlepool shows that football anti-racism has sunk to a new low.