2 June 2014

It’s just not true that racism is on the rise

Racist ideology has been crushed, yet our society sees racism everywhere.

13 March 2014

Stephen Lawrence: why politicians can’t let go

It’s easier for politicians and senior police officers to focus on the sins of the past than confront the present.

7 March 2014

The racial delusions of Sol Campbell

Campbell wasn't overlooked for the England captaincy because he was black, but his claim reflects an unhealthy modern outlook.

27 February 2014

What’s behind racism today? Fancy-dress parties, apparently…

An Olympics-themed sorority party in New York has been condemned as 'racist'.

21 February 2014

It's time… for a film about CLR James

The story of James's life and works deserves to be told.

18 November 2013

‘You never know when it’s going to explode’

CLR James's last interview now available as a podcast.

11 November 2013

Time to end the FGM panic

Claims that female genital mutilation is endemic in the UK rest on dodgy stats and barely concealed racial prejudice.

18 October 2013

The not-so-strange affair of the Space Monkeys

The furore over some utterly inoffensive remarks by England manager Roy Hodgson shows the power of speech etiquette today.